Yellow, energy at work

The hidden River - detail
Yellow is the most visible color, and is able to stimulate our nervous system, to increase metabolism, to stimulate mental activities, and to generate muscle energy.
Then it has an effect on our mind and body.
It's the color of summer, and it's even symbol of friendship and spontaneity.
Optimism, idealism, happiness, inspiration, expansion, brightness, light, innovation... are some of the positive effects of yellow.
Energy is a powerful thnig, so we have to handle it with care. This is the reason because yellow is used in dangerous situations, as in the alert signals.
Also when we have too much energy inside of us we risk to become angry quicker.

I use yellow a lot in my painting. A pure yellow without mixing it with black or white.
I like it, because it brings out many images from my mind, and I really like to mix it with red... another "hot" color.

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