How to choose the right frame for a painting

You bought a beautiful painting, but it's not framed. Maybe you bought it online, you was happy when you received it, because it looked better than the image you'd seen on the online gallery. You are happy with your new purcase, but you have a problem now.
The problem is: what is the right frame for your new beautiful painting?
I know it's not easy to choose the right frame, then I want to give you some tips to choose the right frame for your painting and for yourself.
You have to be patient, don't choose with instinct. Observe, observe, and observe.
First, you should give an answer to three fundamental questions: what, where, why.


This is referred to painting.

1.1 Period
Is it a classic or modern painting? Is it a contemporary painting?
1.2 Size
Size is the first attribute your eyes see. Is your painting small or large size? Is it a miniature or an oversize?
1.3 Material
On what is it painted? Canvas, wood, board, paper?
1.4 Medium
What is the medium? Oil, acrylic colors, watercolors, mixed media?
1.5 Colors
Are the colors warm or cold? How much white is there? Is it a monochromatic painting? Are colors balanced or they working on contrast?

Well! You have a list of objective elements. Now you should answer to other questions.


Where will you place your beautiful painting? Is the size right for your wall?

2.1 Home
Will you put it in your home? What's the style of your home? What type of forniture do you have in your home? What is the dominant color in your home?
2.1 Office
Will you put it in your office? Office is a public space where other people will see your painting, not only your family.
Then, the questions are: What's the style of your office? Have you an office for you only, or you work with your fellows in the same office? What is the dominant color?

Well! Now you have two list of objective elements... but the work is not finished. There is another important question...

3) WHY

Why did you choose that painting? The instinct moved you, and now you don't know where hang it? Did you buy it with your family for your home knowing where placed it? Did you choose it for decorate your home? Or did you choose it for its inner meaning? Did you choose it because it showed a place you 'd visited or a landscape that matched your desires? Did you buy it to increase your credibility, your social status? Did you buy it for your pleasure or to say something to others?

Keep going, the harder work is done. Maybe, at this point you think you are at the beginning, but it isn't true. You have a deeper knowledge of your painting now. This is important to choose the right frame. But you're thinking how? ... yes, how. Another little bit effort you should do to reach the goal. Thinking on...

4) HOW

4.1 Contrast
Look at the colors of painting and decide.
Do you like a frame colored with complementary color? Do you like a frame large if painting is small, and small if the size painting is large or oversize? Do you like a decorative frame for your contemporary painting? Do you like a contrast between the painting and the type of your forniture? The contrast wants to provoke, sometimes it's like a punch. You have to be strong, and have a lot of confidence in yourself.

4.2 Similitude
Similitude is the most confortable way. Contemporary with contemporary, classic with classic, tone on tone, small with small, and large with large. The elements are balanced always. Do you like balance and harmony? Well, stay in the middle, avoid the excesses.

Well. I hope my method helps you to make the right choice.

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