Painting is action, faith and ecstasy at work

Each artist has a personal relationship with his way of making art.
Today I want to talk you about what art means for me.
Art is pure creativity. I don't make art to do something that is useful for your dayly life, or to help you to solve your problems or to give you the answers you're looking for.
At first, I do it, because I have to do it, I must do it... yes, I must, because creativity is like a master, and I have to obey. If I don't obey I feel bad, sad, and sick.
Creativity is something that I love and I hate at the same time. It makes me feel always engaged with myself, and fighting with myself.
That fight is in action when I paint, or when I think what I want painting. Someone could see my struggle if he looks me, but the most part of that fight is inner and hiden.
I ask to myself... how can I show my inner world in an artwork?
Often I think I can't show all my inner world, and I think it's better if I do something else, but immediatly the voice of  Creativity hits my mind saying "Don't stop, go ahead... you have to do it, and when you've done it, you'll discover the world of endless possibilities... that is ecstasy."

I look my painting, and I don't know from where it comes from.
I smile...
that is ecstasy...

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