The Nature inspires my paintings

Ocean Waves
If you take a look to my paintings, you can see in almost all of them some reference (or symbolic element) to nature. The titles contain words refered to natural objects, as river, ocean, algae, drops, forest, aquarium, Earth, Nature, etc.
My "Decor" serie is a joyful tribute to Earth and its wonderful gifts, in which we live.
The Earth is not only an environment for humans (and animals), it is our food metaphorically. We can't live out of and without it.
I know, Nature is not a friendly place sometimes. I don't know if I would be able to survive in the wild world, probably I don't, but I really like it.
Nature has an huge energy we can feel only when we listen it, away from the din of our cities and the bustle of dayly life.
I love nature, it has beneficial effects on my body and mind. And, it is like a Muse, a source of inspiration endless, and it inspires my paintings.


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