Tips for choosing art for your home

The house where we live is not an house simply, it's our home. It's very important we take care of it. Choosing the right artworks to hang on walls is a way to take care of your home.
The interior design of your home is expression of your style and personality. Fornitures, colors, accessories, spaces, etc. show who you are.
But there are many artworks out there... then, how can you select the right artworks for your home?

1) Look at everywhere

We are lack, because we are surrounded by art. On streets in public or privete offices, at homes of our friends, on offline galleries, or on internet.... everywhere we can see art.
Put attention on art around you. Stop and stay in front of it, and let it talking to your soul.
Art always talks to us. In some way it provokes us, if we allow it to do it.

2) Suspend you impulses

You should avoid to pick up the first artwork that grabes your attention at the first glance.
Suspend your impulses for a moment. If you see an artwork you like, don't saying "I like it, and I take it", but ask to yourself  "Why I want this artwork?"

3) Harmonize

The artwork you buy should be harmonized with the style of your home.
You have to put attention on size, at first. An artwork needs an empty space around it on the wall. A big size artwork needs a big empty space around it. A little size artwork needs a little empty space aroud it. That's easy.

Vivid colors art needs vivid colors forniture and accessories. On the contrary, soft colors art needs soft colors around it.

If your walls are white, and also forniture is white or pastel grey... either, vivid colors or soft colors artwork are suitable, because white is a neutral color.

4) Print or Original?

The main reason for choosing print is the price. The price of a print is lower then the price of an original painting... very much lower.
You can have high quality print, because there are many printers able to make it. So, print is the right choise if don't want to spend a lot of money.

Original is Original. This means that there is only one original piece of that artwork in the world, and you have it.... and, yes, it's expensive.

5) Medium

Painting isn't the only media. There are drawings, watercolors, mixed media, sculptures, etc. You can choose one of those you think is more harmonized with your home.

6) The art, like the music

I talk about harmony and harmonize in art, as if art was like music. In music we have harmony when we play different musical notes that sound pleasing together. In art it's the same. All elements have to be harmonized, not necessary balanced, but surely harmonized.


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