What kind of artist are you?

Many artists feel unconfortable if someone asks "What kind of artist are you?".
There are few "pure genre" artists, the most part of artists like mix different genres and mix different medium, so it's hard to define the artistic genre and the kind of artist.
Many artists refuse to define themselves, they don't want to be limited. Sometimes they justify that refusal saying  "I don't wast my time trying to figure out what kind of artist I am. I put that time and energy to being an artist and creating my art. I let others define  my art."

I know, It's not easy to define ourselves, but I think it's useful.
We can discuss about subject, styles, medium, etc., but the basis question is "Why". Only when you are able to answer to the question "Why do you make art?", you can say what kind of artist you are.

Then, Why do you make art? Take time to answer.

I suggest to fix some points, and choose one of the two extremes. They should help you to focus on what you like.

1) Instinct or project?

2) Rules or freedom?

3) Alone or in group?

4) Self-centered or "social animal"?

5) Fast or slow?

6) Idealistic or realistic?

7) Small or big?

8) Dark or light?

9) Empty or full?

10) Wealth or poverty?

Well. Now you have a list of things you like. Maybe you have more then 10, because the world is not always Black&White. Maybe some questions needed a longer answer.
The list helps you to know what are the borders within you work, and the borders are what defines you and your art.


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