Art for our pleasure

There are many reasons to make art, and even for buying it.
But, the main reason is the pleasure, the excitemen, the joy, and the enjoyment.
We don't care if an artwork is perfect technically. Often we don't care to understand what the artist wants to say or showing. We are only interested to the effect that artwork has on us.
What we look for is a kind of pleasure, always.
In freudian psychoanalysis, the pleasure principle is the instinctual seeking of pleasure (and avoiding of pain) in order to satisfy biological and psychological needs.
That's all, and it's simple.
We can "use" art for wall decor, we can "use" it for increasing our social status, or for investment, hoping for gains in the future.
Basically, we are seeking the pleasure.

But, when we see a hard artwork, I mean artwork with a strong message, maybe a painful message... and we like it... In that case, what is the pleasure we look for?
What kind of pleasure is there in a hard and strong artwork?
Maybe we like to be shocked, or we like the dramatic (and dark) side of life.
There is a pleasure in the pain and in the darkness too
All is a matter of pleasure, in our life and in Art.

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