Why do I make art?

I can simply answer "I make art, because I like creativity and art allows me to express myself", but this is a partial answer, it doesn't explain the deeper reason.

You need an answer that could connect you with my deep soul.

Maybe you are not interested to my soul, perhaps you like my paintings and you don't care about what were my thoughts or feelings when I painted them.
Well, then enjoy my paintings and feel you good with them. It's enough for me. Your joy gives value to my art, and you can stop to read this post.

If you're reading again, it means that you want to know more about me... not only about my art, but about me as an artist.

 I admit that it's difficult to answer the question "Why do I make art?", because for first I have to tell you something of my life, and about the experiences I had.

Do you want to know them?
Well. We go on.

I inherited the creative genes from my father, and those of perseverance from my mother. In fact, to make art we need both.

I was always attracted by study and manual work. My interest in the two extremes, what is inherent to the mind and what's inherent to the body, helped me to maintain the balance of the different levels of existence.

I constantly looked for the meaning of life, the values, and God. I was (and I'm) interested and involved in those issues.
So my mind was trained to search what is hidden and symbolic.

My dayly life was hard often, and I struggled against the powerful forces of destiny. The hard situations I faced gave me an interior force I wouldn't have if I had had an easy life. It's a gift.

I'm xenophile. You know I'm Italian, but I lived in Boston (USA) five years when I was child. What I lived in my childhood was different from what my peers had lived, once back in Italy.
I felt different from the other persons, and that made me looking for the meaning of many things, as I said before.

Then... why do I make art?

I make art, because I'm a creative woman, I like to make something with my hands, I like to work with symbolic elements to explore the hidden meanings of reality, and use images to communicate with people despite the linguistic differences.


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