How do I protect my oil paintings?

Oil colors are beautiful. I can do many color shades with them. I have to use them for my Serpents Serie, because that technique and style are possible with oil colors only.
Oil colors are beautiful, but they need to be manage with care to not damage the painting.
I paint my Serpents on plywood, depth 1-3 cm, it depends. When painting is finished, it takes a long time for drying. An oil painting needs about 1 year for being dry, not exposed to sunlight or heat sources.
The questions are...
1) How much dust is deposited on it during one year?... A lot!
2) How much space do I need for drying 10-20 oil paintings of about 120 square centimeters? A big store!
3) How long should I wait before I can send my oil painting safely? A long time!

Then, I had to find a solution, because... first, the dust drives me crazy, second, I haven't enough space to store 10-20 oil paintings in plan, and third, I don't want to wait 1 year for selling my paintings.

I have to protect them. To do that I build a wooden crate in the following way...

1) I cut 2 wooden slats, longer 2 cm. than the long side of artwork. So, if my painting measures 30W x 40H cm.... the wooden slats measure 42 cm.

2) I attack the slats of wood to the two longer edge with two screws.

3) I take a thin plywood panel as large as the surface of the painting (plus 2 cm.). I cut it from a bigger plywood panel often. I use it as top of the crate, while painting stays at the bottom.

The two shorter sides are open, so painting can drying.

With this solution paintings take much less space, because I can put one above the other.

They are protected for shipping too. I only have to envelop the wooden crate with a cardboard box.

Buyer will take care of the painting, putting it under a glass with a beautiful frame.


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