Peggy Guggenheim and the death of Art

Documentario Rai Storia su Peggy Guggenheim
Peggy Guggenhein - Rai Storia
Yesterday I watched an interesting tv program about Peggy Guggenheim.
Peggy is (I use the present tense also if she died) an awesome woman. I'd like to meet a woman like her, but it's not simple.
I've thought a lot on what she'd said about the modern (contemporary) artists.
I translate what you can listen in this video at 40.52 min.
"The modern artists? I have to admit that I've been increasingly disappointed by contemporary works. For a long time I tried to keep me updated, buying new artworks, but then I realized after having those paintings for a time that they were not up at all."

These words are hard.
Is art dead? Many people and art critics say that art is dead with Duchamp, but Peggy liked Duchamp, and she kept to collect arworks.
What did she see in the new artworks that she didn't like?
She saw the same patterns, the same concepts. Visual art is not able to show something new.

We can understand this looking to all the new visual art techniques as the installations or the mixage of different disciplines (painting, digital art, photography, dance, etc.).
Artists want to shock viewers with odd and irrational artworks... so viewers have to do the effort to understand not what the artist wanted to say, but why the artist made that "art-thing". Often there isn't an answer, and there isn't a reason why the artist made that odd thing.

I also believe that visual art is dead, but wall art is still alive. I make wall art, not art. I know that.

Visit Peggy Guggenhein Collection at Venice website.


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