The amazing experience to discorver Mark Tobey

When I talk about discorvering someone I allude to that particular experience we do when we discover a precious treasure after a long search. When that happens we feel astonished, stunned, and excited.
The research take a long time, and we feel disheartened often, because the treasure is not handy, and we feel alone without  it.
The History of Art is full of great artist sand painters. We learn their names and we know their artworks, but often their names and artworks are so far from us, from our story, from what we've experienced in our life.
That happens to me so many times that I feel disheartened often. But sometimes the miracle happens, and it happens suddenly, as a bolt from the blue.

I googled Mark Tobey three days ago. By chance I read a Mark Tobey's quote.
"I believe that painting should come through the avenues of meditation rather that the canals of action".
"Oh my God!", I thought. "These words shoot my heart".
Then I began to read his bio and look for his artworks.
Reading his biography I found other aspects of his life that vibrate in unison with some of my feelings and my experiences.
He took interest to Eastern cultures, to calligraphy, and to religion. Tobey was mostly a self-taught artist, and a traveler.
Along with Guy Anderson, Kenneth Callahan, and Morris Graves, Mark Tobey was identified in a Life Magazine article as one of the "northwest mysticts", also known as the Northwest School.

I'm really interested to know Mark Tobey's life and understand his artworks deeply. I began to study Mark Tobey, and I'm going to discover many other interesting things about him and his paintings. I'm sure they will affect on my painting.

I decided to write a post on Mark Tobey every Saturday. I hope you'll follow me on this path.


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