The digital future of wall art

Wall Art's becoming digital.
Electric Objects is a Company that has the mission to link art, internet and home decor.
On its website... "We believe that in the next five years, we’ll witness a similar dramatic change in the way that we discover, share, enjoy and pay for the visual media that adorn our walls: the art in our homes.
The Internet and the personal computer are two of the greatest engines of creative expression ever invented, and together they have unleashed a total revolution in the way that visual artists create and distribute their work. For millennia we have used our walls to celebrate art, to connect with objects of culture that have meaning to us and to the people around us.
Our mission at Electric Objects is to bring these two things together, to afford to digital art the same time and space that we afford to paintings and photography; to place the most modern technologies available into the service of our most ancient spaces for creative expression: the walls of our homes."

The digital object they sell is called EO1, an Internet-connected display designed specifically for digital art (21.75"H x 12.98"W x 1.71"D). You can control the display with the Electric Objects apps for iOS and Android, or on the web, browse a selection of original art made exclusively for Electric Objects, discover and share what other people in the Electric Objects community display in their homes, upload and display your own art.
You can buy it on Electric Objects website or on Amazon.

If you are an artist and you want to being part of a "Wall Art Community" on EO1 you can join the Art Club. Art Club is a collection of original art commissioned just for Electric Objects. Today, Art Club access comes complimentary with the purchase of an EO1.


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