Why should I write on my blog?

The first obvious answer to that question is "because I already have one".
This summer I stopped to write on it. The reason is simple and complex at the same time. I'm simple and complex at the same time too.
When I write something for my blog, I say to myself  "I can't write about that topic, so many people already wrote about it. Can I write something that is original? Something that people can not read anywhere else?" I can't.
Anything is really original. What I could wirte is the final point of a social process, and inasmuch as social it's common to many of us. So, nothing new under the sun.
Many artists begin to write on their blog, and after a while they stop. I'm like them, but I want to be different. Then I'm here again.

This summer I made different artworks trying to improve my style, or better to say I strive for achieve my personal style. I know it's very important for an artist having a personal recognizable style.
I'm working on this goal, and I hope to find my personal style soon. It's coming... as a gift.
I'm going to tell you about it in new posts.


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