People look at your art


An art marketing guru repeats this question many times.
Your art should make people feel something. That "something" is what connect artist with its buyers.
I asked to myself what I want people feel looking at my art. I had to think a lot to answer, but I can say to my viewers and buyers...

Look at all my artworks, they are really different. Different styles, different techniques, different moods, etc.
It seems that I don't know what I want to do. It seems I experiment to find my style. It seems I'm not a mature artist. All that is wrong.

I struggled a lot to enclose myself into a "One-Style". Surrely having only One-Style help art lovers to recognize an artist, but an artist have to feel confortable with One-Style only.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I'm curious, I'm interest to many different things, I really like experiment different things.I have the same behavior in my life. I like different things. I like rustic style, and modern style too. I like casual clothes, and chic clothes too. I like colorful paintings and dark paintings too. I like realistic landscapes, and abstract artworks too.
My moods change every day... then I need to be surrounded by different things to satisfy my different needs.

Then... this is what I'd want people feel when they look at my art... different moods, different feelings. I think different things help us to open our mind on new views, new ways to look at the reality.
The pleasure to be complex, and not easy readable... this is what I want.
Don't thinking I'm this or that, or what else. I'm always more than what you see. My art is more than a "One-Style" art.

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