Decorative Panels for modern houses

Drops I. Luxury - Detail
I'm doing a series of decorative panels suitable for modern houses. I chose square size to focus on the decorative appearance.

The process is the following.
First, I mix gesso with a bit of glue, then I spread it on the panel (plywood or masonite 0.3 cm. depth). Second, I drop drops here and there on the surface.
When it is almost dry I smear a glue layer on the entire surface.
When this base is completely dry I paint it with several layers of acrylic colors, using the same color shades.

These paintings have a solid surface with iridescent reflections, so if you change your position you'll join different aesthetic effects of light.
These decorative panels are made also to be touched, because they have a rough and hard surface. So, you can do a tactile experience.

Aquarium. Detail
Decorative panels are a pretty wall art solution for your home.