What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are original patterns, which reside within the collective unconscious. They have primitive origin, and are linked to heredity.
Archetype has no form of its own, but it acts as an "organizing principle" of our behavious and motivations.
Jung described many archetypes (family, nature, animal, etc.), but there are several basic archetypes within all of us. They are the Shadow, the Anima/Animus, and the Self.

I'm trying to explore the jungian archetypes in my Archetypes serie..
I show a theme-archetype in each painting. The title help you to know what archetype I faced.
I chose red, yellow, and black as basic colors to paint these artworks, because I think they are right to show our basic instincts.
I don't want to shock you with "amazing-stunning-astonishing" images, I don't want to affect your unconscious. I want make you thinking, and while you think, you can discorver  your unconscious sides slowly.

Watch my video or go to my Archetypes Gallery.

Art for our pleasure

There are many reasons to make art, and even for buying it.
But, the main reason is the pleasure, the excitemen, the joy, and the enjoyment.
We don't care if an artwork is perfect technically. Often we don't care to understand what the artist wants to say or showing. We are only interested to the effect that artwork has on us.
What we look for is a kind of pleasure, always.
In freudian psychoanalysis, the pleasure principle is the instinctual seeking of pleasure (and avoiding of pain) in order to satisfy biological and psychological needs.
That's all, and it's simple.
We can "use" art for wall decor, we can "use" it for increasing our social status, or for investment, hoping for gains in the future.
Basically, we are seeking the pleasure.

Art or Wall Art? The world of interchangeable words

I think it's usefull talk about the words we use for naming "things" we work on.
How you can see the title of my blog is "Art and Wall Art", but... what is the difference?
Has Art the same meanning of Wall Art?
If you are an art critic you know the difference, and you wouldn't use the words "Art" and "Wall Art" as  interchangeable words.
If you aren't an art critic, as I'm not, probably you use the word "art" or "wall art" to name something that you can hang on a wall.
If I ask you "Is it Art or Wall Art?"... maybe you answer "It's the same".
And if I ask you: "What is the difference of Wall Art and Home Decor?" Maybe you'll answer that Wall Art is a part of "Home Decor", because there are many itemes used for decorating our houses which are not done to be hang on a wall.
Paintings decoreting our homes, then... when we buy a painting to hang on a wall, do we buy a piece of art or a decorative stuff?

Painting is action, faith and ecstasy at work

Each artist has a personal relationship with his way of making art.
Today I want to talk you about what art means for me.
Art is pure creativity. I don't make art to do something that is useful for your dayly life, or to help you to solve your problems or to give you the answers you're looking for.
At first, I do it, because I have to do it, I must do it... yes, I must, because creativity is like a master, and I have to obey. If I don't obey I feel bad, sad, and sick.
Creativity is something that I love and I hate at the same time. It makes me feel always engaged with myself, and fighting with myself.
That fight is in action when I paint, or when I think what I want painting. Someone could see my struggle if he looks me, but the most part of that fight is inner and hiden.
I ask to myself... how can I show my inner world in an artwork?
Often I think I can't show all my inner world, and I think it's better if I do something else, but immediatly the voice of  Creativity hits my mind saying "Don't stop, go ahead... you have to do it, and when you've done it, you'll discover the world of endless possibilities... that is ecstasy."

I look my painting, and I don't know from where it comes from.
I smile...
that is ecstasy...

The Nature inspires my paintings

Ocean Waves
If you take a look to my paintings, you can see in almost all of them some reference (or symbolic element) to nature. The titles contain words refered to natural objects, as river, ocean, algae, drops, forest, aquarium, Earth, Nature, etc.
My "Decor" serie is a joyful tribute to Earth and its wonderful gifts, in which we live.
The Earth is not only an environment for humans (and animals), it is our food metaphorically. We can't live out of and without it.
I know, Nature is not a friendly place sometimes. I don't know if I would be able to survive in the wild world, probably I don't, but I really like it.
Nature has an huge energy we can feel only when we listen it, away from the din of our cities and the bustle of dayly life.
I love nature, it has beneficial effects on my body and mind. And, it is like a Muse, a source of inspiration endless, and it inspires my paintings.


Are you a socially engaged artist?

Many artists focus their work on social issues, and they make art with children, with people who suffer of mental illness, with immigrants, etc. They work locally, but also in international projects, helping people to use art as a tool to improve their wellness.

Tom Finkelpearl, director of the Queens Museum in New York, defines social practice as “art that’s socially engaged, where the social interaction is at some level the art.” He think that the popolarity of social practice is a reaction against the excesses of individualism.

I don't want to talk about the reasons why some artists choose to being socially engaged artists, but... if you are (or would being) that kind of artist visit the following websites:

Tips for choosing art for your home

The house where we live is not an house simply, it's our home. It's very important we take care of it. Choosing the right artworks to hang on walls is a way to take care of your home.
The interior design of your home is expression of your style and personality. Fornitures, colors, accessories, spaces, etc. show who you are.
But there are many artworks out there... then, how can you select the right artworks for your home?

1) Look at everywhere

We are lack, because we are surrounded by art. On streets in public or privete offices, at homes of our friends, on offline galleries, or on internet.... everywhere we can see art.
Put attention on art around you. Stop and stay in front of it, and let it talking to your soul.
Art always talks to us. In some way it provokes us, if we allow it to do it.

Origin and meanning of the word "Art"

When I see an ambiguos word I search in the dictionary its meanning. Dictionary is not enough to understand what is the deep meanning of something, but it helps to understand what concepts are hiden in a sequence of letters that we call "word". And, as Italian I have to do this work each time I write in English.

The word "Art" comes from the Aryan root ar-, and in Sanskrit it means "going to", "to move to, from Latin "artem" (nominative ars),  in the Old English "eart", from French "art".
So, "art" means moviment, and in a figurative sense, making, producing, and then, a skill as a result of learning or practice.